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Sitka Hanger Pant Review

Tough and Comfortable don't normally belong in the same sentence let alone a pair of pants but as is the norm Sitka has found a way to bring these two attributes together seamlessly in one truly bomber pair of pants - The Hanger Pant.

The Hanger Pant is designed for use working in the whitetail woods - hanging stands, clearing brush, hinge-cutting bedding areas, planting food plots; all activities that ask a lot from a pair of pants. However, upland bird hunters & turkey hunters demand just as much, if not more, from a pair of pants. The same nasty cover that attracts whitetails beckons grouse, pheasants, and turkeys too.

Featuring a highly abrasion resistant Cordura face on the legs that shrugged off the nastiest wild rose and briars we could find, the Hanger Pant came out of turkey season unscathed and ready for romps through Wyoming's arid uplands and slogs through its river bottoms next fall. The insect shield treatment also meant that we didn't have to worry about ticks crawling up our legs, we didn't find a single one! Add to all this the fact that this highly technical pant moves with you thanks to its four way stretch material and the Hanger Pant not only kept us protected from things that bite, scratch and sting it kept us mobile enough to cover the ground we needed to successfully run and gun turkeys across the landscape.

To say we were impressed with the Hanger Pant is an understatement and to say we are excited to wear them next fall in the uplands is more of the same. These are not your dad's old "brush pants", those nylon faced jeans that were so popular because they were all he had to keep his legs from getting shredded, no sir! Sitka took a page from that book and rewrote it better than the original. No more cold, wet denim or frozen cotton duck, gone are the years it took to "break in" a pair of hunting pants. Grab a pair of Hanger Pants and hit the woods... you'll be glad you did!


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