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Wingmen Last Minute Christmas Picks

If you’re like me life has been a whirlwind lately and honestly, I’ve forgotten to get all the Christmas gifts I should have. There are several die hard wingshooters on my list who are notoriously hard to buy for. That said, I’ve never seen anyone unhappy with the following last minute Christmas gifts… trust me these are all can’t miss choices! 

Federal Premium Ammunition –

Geese, ducks, late season roosters – it doesn’t matter what the game is I don’t know any hunter who would give the side-eye to a couple boxes of Federal Premium ammunition. For the pheasant guys in your circle a box or two of Prairie Storm #6’s will fit the bill nicely. Got a goose hunter on your list? Black Cloud BB’s or better yet, Black Cloud TSS BBx7 will get you the Jeremiah Johnson nod every time. As for the duck hunters who drag themselves away from the blind for Christmas celebrations; new HEVI-Bismuth #5s are absolutely perfect. If you can’t turn up any of those products at your local then grab a few of the good old “Blue Box” loads, you can’t go wrong with those. 

Juniper Mountain Coffee –

I simply do not know any wingshooters who don’t drink coffee and if you’re going to give it as a gift then buy the best! Juniper Mountain Coffee is simply the best coffee we’ve ever drank and giving it as a gift is as simple as going to the website and placing an order. It’s roasted when you order and shipped fast. My go to is the Trail Boss medium roast but honestly, it’s all superb. 

Leupold Performance Eyewear

Eye protection for wingshooters is paramount, hunting without quality eyewear is foolhardy at best. The best “sunglasses” we’ve ever used is the Leupold Performance Eyewear lineup. The fit, style and lens quality is second to none and when you buy from Leupold you’re supporting a pro-hunting, pro-2A company and not giving money to whatever anti-hunting/anti-gun agenda companies like Oakley or Costa support. Plus, there’s a 50% off sale on the website right now so it’s the perfect time to buy the best performance eyewear on the market. 

Of course gift cards are always a popular option when time is running out as well and giving “Gift Cards”, even if they’re homemade or VISA/Mastercard prepaid options is perfect for shopping hunting gear websites for assorted items from Kryptek or Chene Gear. I’d encourage waterfowlers to look into a set of Chene waders and the Kryptek Njord jacket in new Flyway Deadzone camo or go the gift card option directly on the Kryptek website.  

Stocking Stuffers

My “go-to” stocking stuffer options for any wingshooter? Here’s a bulleted list, I’ve even checked it twice. 

  • Little Debbie snacks

  • Cashews or Pistachios

  • Lip balm

  • Pocket knives

  • Bird strap

  • Leather gloves

  • Ear plugs

  • Gun cleaning supplies

  • Gun sock

Of course new Savage shotguns, puppy deposits, decoys, boats, UTVs or any other “big ticket” item are wonderful to give but if you’re like me and most of the folks I know, old Uncle Sam’s reach has run pretty deep into your pockets. Just remember, perhaps the best gift of all is taking someone hunting. Passing on the joy of wingshooting is the gift that keeps giving the whole year round. 

Merry Christmas from the WIngmen crew! 



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