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Who We Are 


Wingmen is about all things winged. From prairie skies swarming with geese, rivers, ponds and marshes choked with ducks and thundering spring gobblers; to the guns, gear, dogs and destinations that fuel our dreams, Wingmen will bring you the cutting edge, the tradition, the obsession and the passion at the heart of wingshooting.

We want to take you with us on our hunts, include you in our gear-head arguments, our successes and failures, show you our laughter and our tears to tell our stories and more importantly, we want to hear yours! Wingmen will be yours as much as it is ours. Send us your stories, your pictures, your tips, insights, humor and heartbreak, tag us in your social media posts and leave us comments on ours. Let us know what you want to see in the future. We will bring you the content you want to see whether it’s gear reviews, tips & tactics, cooking & game care or just a good old story.

It is the aim of Wingmen to be a community publication whose voice is true to the North American hunter as we educate and entertain through media. We hope you find us to be as bracing as the Northwind and as comfortable as that old camo hoodie you just can’t throw out.


See You in The Field,

Todd Helms

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