Gear Reviews: What you need to know before spending your money. 


Wingmen reviews Sitka's Delta Wading System for duck and goose hunting. Todd Helms breaks down this system pieces by piece and shares how he uses each one throughout his hunts. Stay comfortable in the warm weather of September and October or layer up for warmth in windy, cold conditions. It's all about versatility with this hunting camp gear system. This Sitka Gear review features the Core Light...


My budget is limited, and I am betting yours is too. Which means that for multiple years I did my best to stretch things like packs from my big game system and just grind it out with a pack from that world. Then Todd loaned me his Full Choke Pack from Sitka and my belief that purpose built products are worth the money was reaffirmed. 

Let’s start with the pockets and the specific wat...

We ditched our Turkey Vests years ago and here's why!

We got new shotguns! Time to put them to the test before we go hunting.

The Turkey Hooker from Skull Hooker makes showing off your gobbler easy!

Goose Hunting in sub-zero temps with Sitka Gear's Jim Saubier. We bring the Hellfire!

Our top gear picks from the 2019/20 season and why they rock!

How to use onX Hunt to find your next duck or goose blind.

Dry, organized and in the hunt, the Sitka Delta Wading Jacket does that and more!

Float hunting a western river for limits of ducks in extreme cold conditions.

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