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The Kryptek Vellus Fleece System

Warmth for the brutal cold that only a cold morning in the duckblind can produce!


Warm, water and windproof are the mantra of the waterfowl hunter and Kryptek answered with the new Vellus fleece system. These garments are created of a windproof, waterproof, seam sealed and highly breathable laminates sandwiched between a pile-resistant fleece. They also insulated the interstitial space with Thinsulate Platinum XTS insulation to take you into the late season with heat to spare.

The Vellus jacket has a detachable hood that fends off cold and snow while the dual cuffs make sure heat sucking drafts are kept outside. The underarm zips are a necessity for thermoregulation and especially with a heavy-duty piece like this on long walks into the blind. A sporting cut gives you maximum freedom of movement for swinging on passing ducks and geese. Combine all of this in a fabric that’s extremely flexible in frigid temps and you have a nearly unbeatable combination of performance features that will satisfy the most demanding waterfowl hunter.

I was pleasantly surprised when Kryptek sent me this series to test. They included a jacket called the Anorak. It’s a European design that’s found a lot in the mountains of New Zealand. It’s a 2/3rd zip with high chest pockets and a mid-waist draw cord. The tail length is a lot longer as compared to the traditional jacket and seals out drafts keeping you warmer. Initially I didn’t know what to make of the design and look, but all doubts were instantly put to rest the second I put it on. This jacket is intentional in every sense of the word and was my favorite piece on the river this fall!

If you’re in the market for clothing that’s ideal for extreme waterfowl hunts with rain or snow and cold temps, you really need to give this series a closer look. Head over to for more details on the Vellus fleece pieces.

-Dan Turvey Jr.




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