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The Sitka Gear Layout System

By Todd J. Helms and Nick Kafkas

Layout hunting for waterfowl both on the water and on dry land has been an incredibly effective technique for killing ducks and geese since the beginning of waterfowling. However, it took Sitka to produce a clothing system specifically designed for the unique demands of layout hunting for waterfowl. The Layout system of Jacket and Pant/Bibs from Sitka is hands down the most well designed and thought out approach to layout specific clothing that we here at Wingmen have seen. In the following video Wingmen Editor in Chief Todd J. Helms gives us a rundown of the the Layout Jacket and all its purpose driven features.

Sitka Layout Series Jacket and Bib Review

By Nick Kafcas

The Sitka Layout series seemed only natural for my situation as I spend a lot of time each fall in a layout blind guiding clients and hunting for myself. I received a Layout series jacket and bibs back in September of 2016 to test. I wore them both nearly every day that I spent in the blind and then some this season as I bounced around the river bottoms.

I was very pleased with both jacket and bibs. Starting with the jacket, up until this past year, I mainly wore the Hudson Jacket, and have been very pleased with it. However, there are several features on the Layout jacket that I prefer over the Hudson. The hand warmer pockets on the Layout jacket are awesome! They are in the right place and the fleece liners were a savior for me on more than one hunt. I also like the shortened length of the jacket. It personally fits me better and provides me with better ability to move and swing a shotgun. I used the integrated lanyard system on the Layout for whistles and remote controls but find it hard to give up my jewelry laden lanyard just yet. However, these are an excellent idea.

The bibs were amazing! The knee pads and butt pads are an incredibly welcome addition and one I don’t think I could live without now. The body mapped fleece insulation coupled with the padding in both knee and seat make this bib a true performer in the frozen fields of the late season. I also truly enjoyed the bomb-proof abrasion resistant material on the lower legs and seat, these areas take a beating over the course of a waterfowl season and Sitka gave this much thought when incorporating this feature… thank you!

The Layout series is an excellent addition to the Sitka family. I can’t wait to see what the next level of innovation is!


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