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When Stars Align- The Weatherby Orion

Due to unforseen circumstances I was in need of a 12 gauge shotgun to use for the 2016/17 waterfowl season. Through a few conversations around the office I was able to acquire the Weatherby Orion over/under gun to use, and let’s be honest, abuse. So all of my video and images for this review are not from trips where I was able to hammer pheasants with this gun, but believe me… that will happen this coming fall.

Now, before you start heckling me for taking an over/under to the duck blinds and marshes across the region, hear me out. I thought this would be a great chance to put the gun to the test in adverse weather conditions and it performed well. The Orion met the coldest of days and the wettest mornings in the blind without so much as a hiccup.

We set up the top barrel with an improved cylinder choke and the bottom with a modified. We intentionally used this combination with the idea that the first shot is typically close and calls for a more open pattern. Second shots are typically farther out, therefore demanding a tighter pattern. As long as I shot straight this combination worked well.

However, if you aren’t comfortable you will never hit anything. The Orion is a comfortable shooter and several friends in the blind wanted to see how it shot. All involved were fans after shooting and mentioned that carrying the 7lb shotgun to the blind or on a long upland trek would be comfortable.

The action is smooth and broke over with ease, the dual ejectors sent my spent shells from a variety of manufacturers to the ground without issue. The safety was intuitive and the barrel selection mechanism never froze up in cold conditions.

All in all, the gun is a shooter from the duck blind to the upland fields across Wingmen country. If you want more info give this video from Weatherby a watch and you never know, this may just be the next over/under you buy.


This single Canada surprised us coming over the edge of the cliff, but the comfortable Orion allowed me to swing on him quick and comfortable.


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