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Relixx Lanyard Review - Is it time for a custom noose?

Relixx Lanyards

The newest trend in waterfowling is finding the perfect noose to hold those high-dollar instruments that bring ducks and geese from miles away to locked in on your decoy spread. The lanyard business has blown up over the past five years and is not going away anytime soon. As long as the boutique waterfowl call market continues to prosper, people will continue to shell out hard earned cash for a lanyard to strap their calls to. As all researchers and scientists do, I turned to a google search for, “cool call lanyards,” and compared results to the different lanyards my buddies were using. Shortly after, David Lever at Relixx Lanyards had my Custom Signature Series Lanyard in the mail.

After struggling to make a decision on design (who would have thought choosing two colors would be so difficult), I landed on Tuxedo black and white, leaving the small details to David, owner of Relixx lanyards. I expected to see my lanyard in the mail a month or so later but, but to my surprise, there was a box on my porch within a week or so.

The beauty of the customization with these lanyards is that you are able to determine much more than the colors. The customer chooses the number of call drops (single or double), as well as braid shape (straight or twist), and bonus options such as a whistle drop, added length for bigger dudes, and a matching dog collar and lead for full accessorizing’s sake.

Here are the technical specs of my custom Relixx lanyard…. The chord color is black and white (pretty basic considering there are over 42 colors available on the website). Choosing your color scheme is aided by the custom color chart provided on the Relixx website and Lanyard Designer tool that allows you to see your final product before purchasing it. The design is the Signature #2 Series with a slick twisted braid section half-way down. The Lanyard has dual drops with a total capacity of six calls suspended from that money maker of yours! Each call is securely fastened and guaranteed to keep both the insert and barrel safe from, I don't know, dropping into four feet of water in a flooded timber hole in January, leaving you forced to reach into freezing water in a vain attempt to find that call your wife just ordered for your anniversary that is custom engraved with your name on it… but we can save that story for another day.

Durability… I am not sure why I put my lanyard through a series of odd tests that have nothing to do with the day to day performance of what a lanyard should do, but the offseason got to me and the heat had me acting weird. After fastening my lanyard to a beam on our porch, it supported my body weight (200+) for over 1.5 minutes… I got tired and had to rest, the lanyard didn’t. I also placed a toddler toy in the call drop and yanked on it as hard as I could multiple times, I can personally promise that your calls won’t be going anywhere this season when in a Relixx. I think this lanyard can be run over by a semi and still function… but I haven't had time to test this theory yet.

For a look at full features, specs and pricing, head over to today… you spent too much on calls to not have them look good and be secure.


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