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Adrenal Line: Finisher Review

Proving it!

Having been voted, “most likely to be a doubting Thomas,” it should be no surprise that I doubt every newcomer to the product lines of the outdoor industry. It is basic logic for me, if something is too good to be true then it is and new gear means new problems. When the Finisher stormed onto the market as the “most-needed” accessory item for the blind bag, I once again found myself dragging my feet to accept my need for the product.

After finally getting one for my personal lanyard, I can honestly say that I regret waiting so long (And if you don’t have one yet you will regret it too!)

The Background

Adrenal-line, the company that invented the Finisher, is made up of the very outdoor enthusiasts you want to share the blind with each weekend. When asked about the creation of this tool they said, “As outdoor enthusiasts, we have found ourselves in circumstances when we wished for a particular tool to simplify or complete a job. These are the moments that led to our first product, The Finisher, which is used for fowl hunting. We saw a need for a humane way to dispatch wounded fowl in the field, so we designed and created a tool to accomplish that very goal.” The company launched in 2013 and has found itself on the cutting edge of the outdoor industry ever since. To able to create tools and gadgets that every outdoorsman didn’t even know were needed is a talent that will keep Adrenal-Line on top for years to come.

Why the Finisher?

Simple, a more humane and ethically unobtrusive method to dispatch wounded birds, no more wind milling or, dare I say it, biting, smacking, twisting or, well, you get the picture.

How does it work?

Disclaimer, this is a product that takes a little practice. As you get more comfortable with placement, you will be able to dispatch birds more quickly and easily. The finisher is a tool that connects to your call lanyard and has a long portion that comes to a fine point. On the original version, this is the “beak” of the tool and the handle is the duck head portion of the tool. In order to effectively dispatch a wounded bird, the operator should bridge the duck’s head over their pointer finger and pinch the beak of the bird back towards the bird’s body. This “hanging” shape brings the top of the bird’s head to a peak. The operator should then run their finger from the top of the back of the neck towards the peak at the crest of the wounded bird’s head. An indention will be felt beneath the beginning of the top portion of the skull. This soft spot is the entry point for the Finisher. The sportsman should then insert the tool at an upward angle towards the peak of the bird’s head. The upward angle will provide the most quick and humane dispatch of the game. Then simply add that bird to the pile and get back in the blind because the next group is cupped and committed.

With a sleek design and easy accessibility when mounted to your lanyard, this tool is a must have for all in pursuit of fowl. With a starting price of $12.00, the Finisher has virtually no economic risk and comes with a money back guarantee. I’m a doubter no longer.


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