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Between Migrations

As July slips into August I cannot help but think back on the summer so far and wonder if during this “flightless” period I’ve wasted my time or seized the opportunities before me to become better. The dog days of summer are the perfect time to work on skills; calling and shooting spring to the mind most quickly but running drills and conditioning our canine comrades is extremely important as well. Harkening back to the June edition of Wingbeats where Brandon Trentham reminded us that being husbands and fathers is our foremost duty and we should be working to balance our passions for hunting with our responsibilities as men, the question echoes… have I done that?

In short, has the time between the migrations been productive? If not, there’s good news… most of us have another month or more to work dogs, practice leads and get our houses in order before the temps’ cool, the leaves begin to turn and the mornings smell of gunpowder and cut feathers drift on the breeze.

So, heel up the dogs, load the kids into the stroller or let them carry the bumpers to the pond and have them toss a few for old Mose or Josie, get the honey do’s done and take her on a few dates, just the two of you. Dust off the shotgun and go break some clays with the guys or the kids, don’t let another week drift past with the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life getting in the way of what you truly need to be doing and remember, it’s only another 31 days or so until most of us have an open season and birds to chase.


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