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From Marsh to Mountain

With hunting seasons for various species drawing ever more nigh the hunting focus on folk’s social media pages varies depending on the region where they live; early goose in the North and Midwest, Teal and Doves down South or back East but “out West” our earliest seasons are big game – August Antelope and Elk and September Deer, Elk and Antelope. This often places birds on the back burner for a lot of hunters. Sure, we have September first openers for Mountain grouse, doves and Sage grouse but for the most part it’s a big game focus until October or November and those hunts can require massive amounts of high quality fuel, proteins and fats in particular. I know of no better way to combine my love for big game with my passion for waterfowl hunting than by fueling my big game hunts with waterfowl.

Jerky, snack sticks, and lots of different sausages all fill my cooler and backpack for everything from family pronghorn safaris to multi-day high country excursions and wall tent elk camps. Whether it’s a bag of goose jerky stuffed in my pack while stalking archery elk or frying up some breakfast sausage made from cornfield mallards on an outdoor camp stove, all that waterfowl goodness keeps me going strong in the mountains the entire fall until it’s time to shoot some more!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to eat ducks and geese for their own sake too; stuffed and roasted mallards or goose breast sandwiches along with “duck fingers” or gumbo are great ways to enjoy the fruits of our December and January labors but I’ve found that using some of that meat in combination with the hand dandy, easy to use sausage and jerky kits that Hi Mountain Seasonings has put together is a great way to let one hunt fuel another.

Not a mountain hunter? No worries, I bet you spend time in a ground blind or tree stand waiting out whitetails… you need nourishment for that too; deer camp chili, breakfasts and Euchre or Poker snacks, the possibilities are endless. Just don’t let what’s left of last year’s birds go to waste, grab some Hi Mountain Seasoning kits and get to work, you’ll be glad you did.

Stay tuned to the Wingmen YouTube channel for full reviews on various Hi Mountain Seasonings products.


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