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NEW BLOOD-Hunter Recruitment

It is not a secret that hunter numbers are slipping. The real question is what are you doing to recruit some New Blood? Our cherished hunting traditions will only survive if we pass them along to a new generation; kids, young adults, women... who it is doesn't matter, what does is making sure there are fresh hands to carry the torch and continue the North American Model of Conservation well into the future.

Join Wingmen Chris Hoellwarth and Scott Reekers as they discuss Chris's passion for bringing new hunters into the flock. Watch Hunter Mason, get his first turkey and first duck as his dad, Brandon Mason, stands proudly by his side and follow along with Luke Hatcher on his journey into becoming a waterfowler. These are the stories that perpetuate our passion for all things winged.

This video is dedicated to the memory of Dustin Hardy and in keeping with his efforts to "pass it on", we bring this labor of love to you, enjoy!


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