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Sitka Wader Review-The Last Wader You'll Ever Need!

Waders suck! When you need them the most they let you down - leaks, tears, dry rot, shrinkage, broken buckles... the list goes on and on. Most duck hunting waders are also drastically ill suited to the environments in which they are used. For example; neoprene freezes solid after it gets wet, is extremely heavy and does not breathe. Cheap breathable models lack the durability needed to withstand the rigors of a season of waterfowling. Rubber, well if you want to wear your grandpa's waders be our guest but the "good old days" weren't what they are cracked up to be and thanks to the visionaries at Sitka those "good old days" are right now!

Sitka has not just built a wader for the waterfowl hunter, they have redefined the hunting wader category! The result is a wader that is tough, breathable, comfortable and 100% serviceable IF you manage to find something the Delta waders cannot shrug off but we seriously doubt that will happen. You see, I put the Delta Zip Wader through its paces all fall in very demanding conditions; brush, barbed wire, ice, below zero temps, you name it, I threw it at these waders and not only did I not find any flaws, I was comfortable across a wide range of conditions and temperatures.

I could ramble on and on about how impressed I am with the Delta Zip Wader from Sitka but I'll let the wader review video do that for me. Simply put... Sitka's Delta Zip Wader is the last wader you may ever need to buy for waterfowl hunting.


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