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Tyto Knives Osprey Blade Review

A good knife is hard to replace; it's built to last, has a comfortable heft and is easy to sharpen. Or is it?

A few years ago I would have agreed with the above statement but today my mind is changed, may I present to you the Tyto Knives Osprey Filet Blade. This blade is a filet style made to fit the ultralight handle of the Tyto Cerakote or Ti model "handle."

Replaceable blade knives are the rage right now and for good reason, they are sharp, reliable and in the case of Tyto, weigh almost nothing. While weight isn't much of a factor for the waterfowler, most of the time anyway, having a knife in the blind bag that isn't an anchor is nice. However, the feature that sets Tyto Knives apart from the replaceable blade pack is how simple and easy the blade changing and retention system is. There are no moving parts and you don't need pliers to safely change blades; it's a simple slide & snap in place system that is fool and bomb proof. But, what about the blades?

Replaceable blade knives are only as good as the blades they use and Tyto's new Osprey blades are beyond sharp, offer a nice blend of stiffness and flexibility for cutting around bones, and they hold an edge! I put these to the test cleaning limits of late season honkers. Cutting through a big gander's tough skin and thick winter feathers dulls a knife quickly, not the Osprey, it's claws were sharp and ready for more after several limits of geese.

I have made the switch to a replaceable blade filet knife and it's the Osprey by Tyto, give them a look at To see the full video review follow this link to watch it on the Wingmen YouTube channel.


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