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Prois Pradlann Review-From Birds to Big Game!

For years women were forced to hodge podge together hunting gear that was intended for other recreational purposes. Enter Prois and voila! Finally, a line of hunting equipment tailored to the fit and finesse of the female hunter was available. Prois’ new Pradlann line of apparel continues to impress. The Pradlann Pant and Pradlann Upland ½ Zip Pullover are optimized for upland hunting and field shooting, but easily manage double duty for any big game hunt.

Wearing the Pradlann Pant I was able to barrel right through dense oakbrush and spiny New Mexican locust with confidence on an early elk hunt this fall. The tear and abrasion resistant panels run almost the length of the pant and performed better than expected. After three days of tough hunting, you couldn’t have guessed that I’d been tunneling through thick cover. Not only are these pants tough, but comfortable only begins to describe the fit. If it’s wrong to want to wear pajamas while hunting, I don’t want to be right. These pants are just as comfortable as my favorite pair of house loungers.

The adjustable elastic waistband allows you to adjust the fit to accommodate base layers underneath and avoid wearing a belt. I personally find that belts can leave me with pressure points and having the option to go without is a great perk. The four-way stretch and quiet fabric make covering country and racking up the miles a breeze. I’m a big fan of the zippered pockets located mid-thigh. I find this location to be optimal for accessories like gloves or a smartphone. Lined with mesh these pockets also allow some ventilation when the temperature starts to rise. In my experience this is a versatile pant that can tackle any scenario from early to late season.

Combine the pant with the Pradlann Upland ½ Zip Pullover and you can expect all day comfort. This top is feather light, breathable and soft to boot! I’ve found other synthetic lightweight core layers feel a bit stiff, but this ½ zip has the feel of a natural fabric like your favorite well-worn cotton t-shirt. These days I’m all about sun protection especially hunting in high UV environments at northern latitudes. The 40+UPF UV protection offered by this shirt is a nice bonus. The sleeves feature thumb holes allowing you to extend that physical sunscreen to your hands as well. I like to get dirty and work for my quarry, but I am still a lady. When I do break a sweat, knowing that this shirt features Silvadur Antimicrobial treatment gives me confidence that I can still squeeze in that post hunt errand without having to change clothes. I’m going to test this piece out as a base layer on an upcoming hunts too. Since it’s hunter orange, when I need to ditch my orange hat and extra layers, it’s nice to know I will still be legal in the field.

Prois really hit the mark with this latest release. The thoughtful design and durability makes these my favorite Prois pieces to date. From pounding high country trails in the summer to flushing chukar coveys and chasing bugles, I look forward to putting this gear to work for years to come.


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