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Canada Just Banned Your 12 Gauge!

10 & 12 Gauge Shotguns Now Illegal In Canada!

A glaring reminder of just how tenable our God-given 2nd amendment rights are has drifted down from the North. In the wake of the horrific shooting that took place in Nova Scotia in April, claiming the lives of 22 Canadians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister Bill Blair and the Canadian Government have stripped Canadian gun owners and quite possibly non-resident hunters of the ability to own, possess and use 10 & 12 gauge shotguns with removable chokes!

Now obviously I’m not Canadian but this hits extremely close to home and it should for all of us who have hunted or plan on hunting in Canada. Not to mention the injustice this serves on Canadians themselves.

Reportedly Trudeau and Blair swore to Canada that their hunting firearms would not be part of the sweeping gun ban that made 1500+ types of firearms illegal virtually overnight. Now Canada does not enjoy the 2nd Amendment rights that U.S. citizens do but this was either an outright, bald-faced lie or a grossly incompetent error on the part of those pushing the ban through. It also begs the questions: was this legislation coiled and ready to spring in response to a national tragedy, like a mass shooting? Or is this simply reactionary law, enacted by a terror and panic stricken government?

Either way, Canadian hunters and firearm owners have been struck a wicked blow by their own government and Americans should be sitting up and paying attention to the gun grabbing reaction by a liberal government that sits less than 600 miles from Washington D.C. This is scary stuff folks and I for one sit at my desk wondering…

Oh Canada, WHO stands on guard for thee?

I also feel great trepidation for the outfitters and rural small business owners of the prairie towns of central and western Canada who rely heavily on American sportsmen's dollars to get them through those bleak northern winters. Tens of thousands of American waterfowl hunters travel North each autumn to experience what is arguably the best wingshooting our continent has to offer. I’d wager that over 95% of them tote 12 gauges into the fields and marshes too and that’s the rub. If a 12 gauge shotgun is no longer legal to own, use or possess in Canada then how many of those traveling wingshooters will bother to go North? If they don’t go, the small business owners that I previously mentioned will lose a large portion of their annual income. But maybe that’s part of the plan?

What say you? Was this a premeditated disarmament measure by the politicians in Ottawa meant to render the Canadian citizenry helpless or was this an ignorant knee jerk reaction with a misunderstanding of firearms used for hunting?


Since we published the release from CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sports Association) Minister Blair has issued a statement declaring that 10 & 12 gauge shotguns are NOT included in the gun ban. So my questions are these... was this statement in response to pushback from concerned sportsmen? And if so, just how far is the Canadian government willing to push its citizens? One thing is for certain, Canada has some interesting days ahead.


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