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Buffalo Turkey Nuggets!

Turkey nuggets are my family’s favorite way to eat wild turkey. With two little ones and another on the way turkey doesn’t last long in my house and with this recipe it won’t in yours either.

NOTE: you don’t have to do the buffalo wing sauce if you don’t want to, the plain fried nuggets are exceptional as is and you can omit the sauce step. OR, if you don’t like saucy nuggets try sprinkling Hi Mountain Seasonings Buffalo Wing Burger Seasoning on your nuggets fresh out of the fryer.


  1. Wild Turkey Breast

  2. Breading or Fry Mix - Make or Buy: : Mixing Hi Mountain Seasoning’s Buffalo Wing Burger Seasoning and flour is a solid homemade breading option and one I use a lot!

  3. Oil - Canola, Peanut or Vegetable

  4. Buffalo Wing Sauce - Make or Buy


  1. Cut turkey breast into small cubes paying attention to cut across the grain of the meat.

  2. Pour two inches of oil into a deep fryer pot or cast iron skillet and heat to medium high or around 375 degrees. You will know if your oil is hot enough when you drop a small piece of breading into it and it begins to fry immediately. I prefer to fry outdoors if possible.

  3. Coat all the chunks of turkey breast liberally with breading. There are many ways to do this but I prefer either a large plastic bag or large mixing bowl. If you want a thicker breading dunk the meat in egg wash after your first breading and then bread again.

  4. Oil should be to temp now so gently drop one piece of turkey into the oil and adjust temp if needed. Once adjusted fry about six to eight nuggets at a time until they float and are golden brown. You can check the doneness by cutting an average sized piece open. The nuggets are done when the meat is stringy and white. DO NOT fry too many at once or fry too long.

  5. Once all the nuggets are fried put in a large mixing bowl and coat liberally with wing sauce.

  6. Serve with Blue Cheese dressing, Ranch or just eat as is… pretty hard to beat and they go fast!


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