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Turkey Gear On A Budget

We live and die by our budget in my household. With three kids our entertainment portion is often one of the first pieces to get cut. As much as hunting is a lifestyle for me the well being of my family always comes first. So that can mean hunting as hard for a good deal as it does hunting for a turkey.

There are several great ways to start hunting for good deals and the first is Memorial Day Sales, much like the one that Sportsman’s Warehouse just ran. Turkey season usually winds down and it is inevitable that there may have been a few too many turkey decoys still sitting on the shelf. Take the time to look at the store locator on and go see what they have available. Chances are the local stores will have some good sales on the freshly out of season items.

Then do yourself a favor and sign up for their email based newsletter. This option has provided me with several great promotional codes or clearance sale items. Hunting gear is bought one piece at a time and taking advantage of off season sales does wonders for getting the gear closet filled with clothing that is top of line but you didn’t buy at the peak of the expensive seasons.

Another great place to pick up slightly used gear is a place like the forum. Many hunters sell their gear there quickly so you have to visit often, but many good deals can be had. The most common pieces are things like Sitka base layers, pants or other pieces in the Subalpine variety that fit the bill.

Which brings me to double dipping, find ways to use your big game clothing system during the turkey season. Much of the weather in our neck of the woods in the months of April and May is very similar to the September and early October seasons. The newly filled out green vegetation is going to match color offerings like Sitka’s Subalpine patterns incredibly well.

Turkey hunting groups on Facebook are also a great place to find used gear: calls, vests, packs, decoys, you name it and folks are posting it up for sale.

The point to all of this is that just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have gear, even some of the best gear. You just need to hunt a little harder to find good deals and now is the time to be hunting. Good Luck!


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