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Getting Your House In Order!

All of us are counting the days until we can once again go afield with our dogs, guns and buddies to hunt whatever birds we can legally hunt first. For some of you, that will be early season honkers on steamy late summer mornings. Others will be chasing doves, some of you teal and for me the earliest birds I can hunt are mountain grouse beginning the first day of September. No matter the bird it would behoove each of us to have our homes in order before hunting season gets here!

“Honey Do Lists” and projects around our houses (for those of us married people) are constant reminders that our daily jobs aren’t the only responsibilities looming over our heads before we get to play. While I’d strongly suggest having those lists and projects wrapped up before hunting season starts, that may not be feasible and it’s not exactly what I’m talking about when I say “get your house in order.”

I’m talking in metaphor here… your house is your life and having your life dialed once hunting season arrives means you can go on hunts knowing that everything at home is taken care of and you’re free to enjoy your time away without worrying about what’s being neglected at home. This means spending the time now to add depth and meaning to your relationships, busting your butt at work to get ahead so you can take time off when the birds are flying, obligations outside of work and relationships need to be buttoned up too. You do not want to leave for a hunt having to worry about things looming on the horizon, it will only serve to distract you, robbing you of the enjoyment that any and all hunting trips should be full of.

Work responsibilities aren’t always possible to get ahead of but making sure that what can be lined out is in time for hunting season should be high on your priority list. As for your personal relationships… if you’re someone who is constantly having to “get permission” to go hunting then you’ve got bigger problems and this advice probably won’t help, we can leave that to Dr. Phil, however, now is the time to be spoiling the loved ones in your life by lavishing them with your time and attention. Not to say that we shouldn’t be doing that every day but going above and beyond this time of year makes leaving them behind for hunts a bit easier knowing that you’ve not neglected them.

Take the family camping, to events and hang out on weekends. Spoil your spouse with dates, maybe take a day off to spend with just them. Best of all… involve them in your passions; have your kids help train the dogs, take them to the gun club, go fishing! Just take the time now to be the spouse/parent/person they deserve and you should be.

I say this all somewhat tongue in cheek… hunting season is a poor excuse for being the best person you can be. We should all strive each day to be the best version of ourselves. BUT… by having done these things and having a clear schedule and conscience come hunting season, we can go on hunts for days at a time and not have to worry about what we should be doing or could have done to make sure those at home know how much we care.

Look for ways this weekend to spend some extra quality time with those who matter most. Don’t just do the routine, waiting for Monday to come once again… get out there, have fun, make memories. Fall will be here before we know it and having your house in order is the best way to leave it knowing all is well and you’ve earned some hunting time, wherever it may take you.


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