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Wingmen Podcast Ep 82: 3 Summer Training Tips & The Sage Grouse Project

In this episode of the Wingmen Podcast, host Todd Helms is solo on this one and as usual he has lots on his mind! He breaks down why it’s vitally important to practice shotgun skills, dog training and physical fitness over the summer months. Todd is passionate about all three of these topics and shares his insights from 30+ years of doing all three. Todd also dives into the latest Wingmen film – The Sage Grouse Project. . . this film is the story of what’s at stake if Sage Grouse are listed on the Endangered Species List: public land closures and loss of civil liberties being at the forefront of the issue. The Sage Grouse Project drops later this month and is a can’t miss, just like this episode!

Watch the sage grouse film: • Sage Grouse on Ye...

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