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Wingmen Podcast EP 99: Testing Kryptek's Flyway with Platte Basin Outdoors

In this episode of the Wingmen Podcast, Michael Tracy is the "big cheese" at Platte Basin Outdoors, a waterfowl guide service on the front range of Colorado. Michael walks host Todd Helms through the paradigm shift his life took after surviving cancer and how it made him refocus on what he is truly passionate about; hunting waterfowl, namely geese! Platte Basin Outdoors guarantees their hunts; it is guaranteed that you'll have a blast or you'll keep hunting until you do! This is a fresh take in the world of guided waterfowl hunts and it has helped Platte Basin Outdoors build an impressive client list and reputation. The fellas also go into detail about Kryptek's new waterfowl camo, Flyway Deadzone, and Michael breaks down Kryptek's soon to be released Waterfowl jacket and bibs. This is a banger of an episode and one you simply can't miss.


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