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A Better Blind: The Tanglefree Panel Blind

By Wingmen Contributor Joel Yeldell


Few products these days can legitimately claim they assist in a more comfortable hunt, a better hide and a larger harvest. Just like the three feathers on their logo, Tanglefree’s new Panel Blind hits on all three.

The Hunt: Since the Panel Blind first arrived on the market in 2016, the outpouring of feedback has been overwhelming. Waterfowl guides across the country now have an easy set up option for their clients. Once grassed, the set up time for a hunt has drastically decreased. Retailing for $299, the weekend hunter has an affordable option to hide four people on one Panel Blind system, where four layout blinds would cost over twice as much. Hiding more than four people? Swing one end of the Panel Blind open and add another section. Add a second Panel Blind system to the rear for true “A” frame concealment, which also cuts that cold north wind. As for comfort, there isn’t a better way to hunt ducks and geese than sitting on a blind stool with all your necessities at arm’s reach; shells, extra jacket and oh yes, breakfast. The interest hasn’t peaked with waterfowlers either. Dove, deer and turkey hunters are snagging up the highly portable Panel Blind as well.

The Hide: Ask any waterfowler if they think birds are getting wary of certain blind looks. The answer will be, yes. The Panel Blind kills the “coffin” look and when grassed appropriately will have few dark openings or areas of contrast that birds spot. You would think the larger foot print of the blind would be a problem when in actuality through extensive field testing conducted by the blind’s brainchild, RNT-V’s Shawn Stahl, the opposite is true. Shawn used the blind on 100% of his hunts during the 2016-2017 season and found it to be especially effective when placed next to larger structures birds are used to seeing, i.e. tree lines, irrigation pivots and weedy edges. Stahl even tested the Panel blind on the waterfowler’s nemesis situation, winter wheat and had success.

“Simple, quick and versatile concealment. The Tanglefree Panel Blind has been an important part of our hunts these last two seasons.” – RNT-V’s Shawn Stahl

The Panel Blind folded and ready for transport to the next hunt location.

Sitting or standing shots plus a better hide (which translates into closer shots) equals more birds on the ground. It is Tanglefree’s hope that you have an easier, more comfortable hunt and maybe scratch out a few more birds your next time out.

“The Panel Blind is the ultimate representation of what is most important to us; bringing family and friends together in the outdoors. If our blind can help do that, and maybe just a little better, then that’s a win in our book.” - Tanglefree president Cory Foskett

Tanglefree Panel Blind – Product Info

MicroFiber shell withstands years of abuse. Sets up in seconds and easily moved to quickly change set up location in the field. Folds neatly and packs away for easy storage.


• Aluminum frame

• Adjustable width to close gap when you need extra concealment

• Window viewing ports on all panels

• Adjustable height

• Conceals up to 4 hunters per set of panels

• Size: 130″L x 56″W x 50″H

• Side (folded): 32″L x 8″W x 50″H - Weight: 18 lbs

The Tanglefree Panel Blind when set up can conceal 4 hunters easily.


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