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Eastmans' Elevated With Todd Helms

Earlier this spring Brian Barney with Eastmans’ Elevated Podcast recruited me to sit down with him and record a podcast for Wingmen, Eastmans new venture into the world of wingshooting. Having listened to lots of podcasts I was excited but having never recorded one that excitement was tinged with a little apprehension as well. However, I quickly discovered there was no need for that as Brian walked me through the process and the whole thing was a great conversation. Brian and I talked about everything from the passion and lifestyle surrounding wingshooting, especially waterfowl, to the difference between big game hunting and bird hunting. A particularly poignant dialogue arose when discussing the “pressures” we as hunters place upon ourselves so often when hunting big game and how bird hunting is a wonderful escape from that. From guns and birds to dogs and experiences, the entire podcast is loaded with insights and memories from a Western original like Brian and a Great Lakes transplant, myself. So tune in to Eastmans’ Elevated with Brian Barney and if you’d like to see, or rather hear, a Wingmen podcast in the future be sure to let us know.


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