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DUK NUTZ! "For serious hunters that need a pair."

The name says it all! But these innovative decoy weights are more than just a big lug nut on string. With their friction fit bushing system inside the weight, supple cord and unfinished end the Duk Nutz decoy anchor system is one of the best I've ever used.

Let's start with the friction fit depth adjustment bushing that Duk Nutz employs. I found this to be incredibly useful on the water. We hunt rivers primarily and being able to not only adjust the length of cord between the anchor and the decoy but be sure that it will hold no matter what the current piles against it is refreshing. Gone are the days of adjustable (read breakable) cord/decoy stops, with Duk Nutz I simply pulled out the amount of line I wanted between the anchor and deke and tossed it in the river.

The unique thing about river hunting is current and how it can affect decoy placement. Your decoys don't simply stay where they are tossed. The current pulls them downstream of the anchor and too much cord will create major issues, like hopelessly tangled decoys and bunched up spreads that look unrealistic. The Duk Nutz anchor system eliminated that for me and when it was time to pick up I slid the weights down the cord to the decoy, looped each finished end on a carabiner, slung the whole wad over my shoulder and trudged to my rig, simple and easy.

If you're looking for a simple and effective, tough as nails decoy cord and anchor options give a gander to Duk Nutz' spin on the traditional Texas Rig. They come in three different weights (3, 4.5, & 7oz.) and three different cord lengths (3', 4' & 7') so you have all the options you need. I chose the 4.5 oz, 4' model to anchor my magnum duck decoys and the 7oz., 7' model for my goose floaters and while we still have lots of season left here in the West, I couldn't be happier. For full details and pricing head over to


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