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Zink Calls: X-Lady Review

There's only one thing that I require when selecting a mouth call/reed for turkey hunting... it's got to sound like a nasty old boss hen! I love a call that I can be LOUD on, a call that talks dirty, a call that's raspy and raunchy, a call that makes a big old tom lose his mind and come running across hill and dale to check out the jezebel whose seductive voice has his pea brain swimming with visions of turkey love.

The Zink Calls X-Lady does all that and more, this is one impressive mouth call!

In case you haven't heard, the wind blows hard in Wyoming, we use logging chains for windsocks! So calling turkey's can be a challenge at times. That's why I like a loud mouth call, sometimes I need to be able to cut through the wind and grab a distant gobbler's attention. The X-Lady is hands down the loudest mouth call I've used. I was able to lean on it to create raspy yelps that cut the wind and got gobbles across canyons, every time.

On the other end of the spectrum a good mouth call/reed will also let the caller get soft and seductive when a bird is up close. Finishing notes can be crucial to get a big old boss tom to come those last few yards into range. Once again, the X-Lady does that too.

This call covers the spectrum of turkey sounds better than any off the shelf mouth reed I've ever used. Case in point.... On this year's General Wyoming Turkey Hunt we had the usual wind to contend with but we also had birds who needed to be sweet talked or they wouldn't finish. The gobbler I took needed to be convinced to come around one last bush so I could deliver the TSS payload to his noggin. The X-Lady not only got his attention with loud yawping yelps that turned his attention my way, it also allowed me to set down the pot call and focus on finishing the job with no movement. The big old tom hung up at about sixty yards and I softly purred and yelped exactly twice with the X-Lady. That's all it took, he stepped out from his hide and that was all she wrote... he got a free ride home in my backpack.

In short... the Zink Calls X-Lady is a standout mouth call that needs to be in your arsenal when you're in the turkey woods. They can be purchased direct from Zink Calls or at your local Sportsman's Warehouse for a penny shy of $10.


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